Cleaning enthusiasts

Many years of experience

Professional machines and cleaning products

Our services


Mechanical cleaning of all types of floors

parquets, laminates, linoleum, ceramic tiles, stone and marble floors, epoxy floors, etc.


Mechanical washing of carpets and rugs



of multi-layer deposits of grease and oil from the walls and floors of professional kitchens


Deep mechanical cleaning of furniture

mattresses, beds, upholstered furniture, armchairs, sofas, chairs, etc.


Removal of stubborn limescale

we remove even the most stubborn limescale from your sanitary ware


General cleaning

we clean your business premises with professional machines and cleaning agents. Clean and sparkling from ceiling to floor.


Cleaning and disinfection of the premises


Gallery of work


Are you forced to change the tiles on the floor because the floor looks extra dirty? By washing the floor mechanically, we will remove multiple deposits of grime. You don't have to waste money on buying new tiles.
Clean to a T.


Are you thinking about renovating your restaurant? We degrease deposits of oil and grease on the walls and floors of professional kitchens. Choose a rational investment.
Clean to a T.


Do you want to change the stained upholstered furniture in the coffee shop? We will mechanically and thoroughly clean it for you. Make a smart decision.
Clean to a T.


Are you thinking of replacing the dirty sanitary ware in your space? We remove accumulations of the most stubborn limescale. Decide on a reasonable solution.
Clean to a T.


Bring the mattresses in your hotel to a special level of cleanliness and freshness. We deep clean, remove allergens and refresh mattresses.
Clean to a T.


Do you have dirty elements, sockets, drains, range hoods? Call us! We will thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your elements, everything will sparkle down to the smallest detail!
Clean to a T.

Market segments we work with

Hospitality industry

restaurants and coffee shops

Hotel industry

hotels and apartments, villas


supermarkets and retail stores

Health care

polyclinics, surgeries, hospitals


schools, faculties, education institutions


factory halls, warehouses


cinemas, theaters, concert halls

Government sector

public institutions

Why choose us?

Individual approach in working with clients

We adapt to your needs, situation on the ground and possibilities. We will find the optimal solution for your problems. Why spend money on expensive renovations when professional cleaning can save the old and achieve comfort, a high level of cleanliness and shine.

Responsible and educated team

Responsible and educated team is at your disposal. We are aware that time is money and that the cleaning service should be performed thoroughly, with quality and in the shortest possible time. Our staff is specially educated and trained to work with the machines and tools we use.

Professionalism and enthusiasm in work

We have top-quality professional machines and cleaning agents that allow us to remove even the most stubborn stains and achieve the highest level of cleanliness and shine.

Thorough in cleaning

We will clean your premises thoroughly and meticulously – coffee shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, surgeries, cinema halls, warehouses, sports facilities, fitness halls, public facilities, schools, etc. We breathe new life, a fresh look and cleanliness into your upholstered furniture, rugs, mattresses, kitchens, tiles and floors.



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